Hot Crossed Chair

Cross-stitched Wood Chair is a design by Penelope Ann Ramos, a current design student at Pratt University. This design was inspired by creating a fabric design from wood. The design is made up of wooden slats which are then sewn together with a cross stitch pattern. The wooden slats are perfectly draped over the frame of the chair achieving a soft yet sturdy design.

Designer: Penelope Ann Ramos


  • Marianne says:

    this is soooo cool! awesome design!

  • Maita says:


  • Brian says:

    Looks uncomfortable and ergonomically problematic – does the front bar cause the users legs to fall asleep or do you need to sit using Larry Craig’s wide stance?

    • penelope says:

      this is a prototype and upon testing, decreasing the wood slats would put more height to the seat rest having an exact seat height of 18″, so no need for a wide stance.
      appreciate the observation and comment πŸ™‚

  • Joy says:

    Very cool! Did you make all of it yourself!?

    • penelope says:

      yes i did πŸ™‚ every bit of it
      from it being a trunk, building jigs, sanding the wood down, to dealing with big saw machines hoping i wouldn’t lose a finger.
      thanks joy!

  • Gigi says:

    That’s awesome Penny!

  • Kimilu says:

    Oh i’m very proud of you! Keep the creativeness coming πŸ˜›

  • Jet says:

    Good Job Penzi! May this be the start of something BIG ! Atta GIRL!!!!!!!

  • alfred says:

    Great design!! very creative….keep it up penny.

  • shumien says:

    how come i can see you here!!!
    good job Penny!!

  • Jesse (Materials Eng says:

    Love the design, but I'm kinda concerned about it breaking. The back of the chair doesn't look too beefy.

  • Jesse (Materials Engineer) says:

    Love the design, but I’m kinda concerned about it breaking. The back of the chair doesn’t look too beefy.

  • Sylus says:

    Why didnt you sit on it Penelope,guess designed just for looking eh?

  • sovijo says:

    Very nice!, i like it…
    keep in this way

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