Want to step outside for a smoke?

Well, it seems pretty much that anywhere in the world, smoking is now banned from inside bars, restaurants and most clubs. Which all in all is pretty positive, but then again, we must respect the decision of others and understand that they enjoy a smoke with their coffee, beer or mixed drinks etc. So all you smokers will be quite pleased that there is someone looking out for your habits, and even if you have to go outside to smoke a cigg, Florian Brillet wants you to enjoy it as much as possible. Smoker Bell was designed with you smokers in mind. Smoker Bell is an adjustable hood that allows smokers to remain cozy and relaxed even while outside smoking. The design comes with a drink stand and attaches to the wall with an “articulated arm”. Brillet felt because of the new laws against smoking inside, it was time that smokers had a comfy temporary space to go outside and mingle without breaking any anti-smoking laws.

Designer: Florian Brillet [ Via: Dezeen ]