Want to step outside for a smoke?

Well, it seems pretty much that anywhere in the world, smoking is now banned from inside bars, restaurants and most clubs. Which all in all is pretty positive, but then again, we must respect the decision of others and understand that they enjoy a smoke with their coffee, beer or mixed drinks etc. So all you smokers will be quite pleased that there is someone looking out for your habits, and even if you have to go outside to smoke a cigg, Florian Brillet wants you to enjoy it as much as possible. Smoker Bell was designed with you smokers in mind. Smoker Bell is an adjustable hood that allows smokers to remain cozy and relaxed even while outside smoking. The design comes with a drink stand and attaches to the wall with an “articulated arm”. Brillet felt because of the new laws against smoking inside, it was time that smokers had a comfy temporary space to go outside and mingle without breaking any anti-smoking laws.

Designer: Florian Brillet [ Via: Dezeen ]


  • Rache says:

    Similar to the Urban Hooka by Moskow Architects

  • Nacon says:

    I’d hate to be negative to someone’s idea but… I’d advise against this idea because banning smokers from inside was actually meant to encourage them to quit smoking in the first place.

    • Jon says:

      You think banning things has ever helped anyone quit? Guess we should ban drugs too. Oh wait

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh so it was more government regulation on deciding what goes into our own bodies, not preventing that second hand smoke bullshit. Sounds cool.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are a retard. It’s because people didn’t like the smell. So what do you do then, make up medical bullshit. Do your own research, and I’m not talking wikipedia.

  • Avin says:

    Banning indoor smoking has not left a huge dent in the smoking industries…. lets face the fact, it is too good a business for the Government of any countries to give up entirely, imagine, the million or even billions of dollars missing from their pay checks, Taxes will rise again…

    Ok back why i started commenting… hahaha… although i’m very much against smoking, i have to agree that this is a fantastic idea, you’ll see where i’m heading to…

    Add an air filter, and maybe a screen where cost permits and presto, a smoking hood running beer commercials or anti smoking infomercials, sponsored by the city council, or any other corporations.

    The smoke gets sucked into a filter and tada, we non smokers are spared from the 2nd hand smoke, which is more lethal than 1st hand smokers……and well cleaner air for the city all together, it can run on electricity or… solar… or even kinetic energy from all the hustle and bustle of the city streets and night clubs.

    The filter will have a sensor to give the occupants a rough guage of the amounts of pollutant and what ever harmful substance listed down on the screen. it might even be able to connect to a huge network and the smoker, or someone whom is trying to quit keys in his user ID and his smoking habit can be tracked, either private data or one that is open to his doctors, This will help keep track and give a physical image of what smoking can do to one’s body and help one quit.

    The harmful substance can be collected and displayed on a nationwide data base or collection centers to show smokers the amount of soot and rubbish they have taken into their body…

    Wow.. this is a great idea.. and great design too 🙂 Great Work

  • Erica says:

    I think the main purpose of banning smoking was to eliminate second hand smoke for those individuals who want to go to a bar without their clothes ending up all smoky. If somebody wants to smoke, by all means, smoke. Just don’t do it around those that dislike / are allergic to / simply don’t like to be around smoke.

    • Kevin says:

      If you don’t want to be around people who smoke, don’t put yourself in places/positions where there are people who smoke.

      Pretty simple. There’s my idea.

      • Ronen says:

        I dont smoke around those whom are allergic to it but if im smokeing and someone is walking over to where im at with no reason then i am a bit reluctant to stop.

      • Slawek says:

        Sorry, but this is stupid comment: “don’t put yourself in places where there are people who smoke”. Many times it’s impossible. Building exits, bus/train/metro stops, restrooms (omg!), streets! All public places, but smokers don’t respect the non-smokers. When I’m waking with my two kids in park, there’s plenty of smoking people around. Thinking your way to avoid cigarette smoke i must: drive my own car everywere, exits office building through a ladder (sic!), stay with my kids at home in my free day. I will not mentioned here pubs etc. by purpose. Think what you are writing.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah, jeez, outside smoke is ridiculous. Just like those stupid car drivers, who put their dangerous exhaust in the air. They don’t respect us non-drivers, and they drive EVERYWHERE, I can’t avoid them. Don’t even get me started on household cleaning supplies and grill fumes, which are far more dangerous than cigarette smoke.

    • Reason says:

      What about non-smokers going to establishments that cater to non-smokers? Why must we legislate when a private business owner can and cannnot allow leagal activities in his establishment? What has happened to our “Free Country”?

  • Zach says:

    this is an amazing idea.
    I agree, i dont think that this could do any harm. I’m not even a smoker and this idea still amazed me.

  • carl says:

    Perhaps this unit could be installed in the cancer ward after the smokers shortened life is about to end, they can look up and smile at this supplementary product that encouraged their slow suicide with a sense of irony.

    Smokers deserve cancer..

    • Crystal says:

      You bought a bill of goods dear. Do your own research, dont rely on the reports you hear, the ones that spell doom. It is filled with lies and almost less research than you have done yourself.
      I believe smoking should be banned inside of public buildings. Not in my own home or car. Not outside. And some bars should be allowed to designate themselves as smoking. Let the owners decide how they conduct business. Perhaps bars that get 20% or less from the sale of food should be allowed smoking because they obviously arent a family reasturant. Let people enjoy their guilty pleasures. Pipe smokers have been shown to live longer than non smokers. Put THAT in your pipe and…oh…right.
      Carl, you are a jerk. No one deserves cancer. Be careful what you curse someone with. It could come back and bite you in the ass.

    • watchface says:

      I would love to see you say that to the face of some poor soul that has cancer due to smoking. maybe look into the eyes of their kids while you do it. Then sit back and bask in your dispassionate state and think, indeed a twat I have become.

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