No More Black Pants with Blue Top

If you are like me, mornings are not your best friend, and being a bit of a procrastinator at picking out my clothes and having them ready for the next day is also another weakness of mine. Unfortunately, when I do wait until the morning of, to pick out what I am going to where for the day, it is usually during a time when my significant other is still sawing logs in the bed. That is why I am so excited about the new Invisilight design. Invisilight was created just for me, (not really) one who waits until the last minute to do things. It is a large metal pole that fits into your wardrobe and contains a light source inside the metal tubing. Now, I don’t have to wake anyone up by turning on the closet light. Invisilight gives just enough lighting to see your clothing without disturbing others. A perfect Design!

Designer: Gudmund Rebnord, Hans Christian Berge & Ingrid Clausen