Designing the world’s most comfortable bath towel is trickier than you think…

Take it from the guys at Casamera to figure out how to make the best damn towel on the planet. Over the past year, they’ve focused all their efforts on designing bathrobes so comfortable people prefer working-from-home in them, so if I had to entrust a company with making the most innovative and functional towel, it would probably be these guys.

Casamera claims that there are 7 key features to making a great towel. Its absorbency, weight, texture, size, odor-resistance, ability to dry out, and finally its price. These aren’t details I made up… they’re features listed in Casamera’s ‘Bath Towel Reimagined’, a towel that’s seen over 3 years of research and development. What immediately sets Casamera’s Bath Towel apart is its unique waffle texture – a feature also found in their bathrobe from last year. The texture makes the Bath Towel feel thick, but still remain lightweight, while also increasing the towel’s surface area to aid absorption. The towel isn’t soft too (most soft towels use heavy chemicals and softeners), but it isn’t too hard either. In fact, made from OEKO-TEX certified high-grade Egyptian cotton, the towel feels gentle to the touch, but also has the ability to lightly exfoliate your skin when you massage yourself with it. The Egyptian cotton, combined with the Bath Towel’s waffle texture helps it rapidly absorb water as well as release it, so not only does it help you dry off quickly after your bath, but it self-dries fast too, so you’re never greeted with a musty towel.

Size and shape also play a pretty large role in how good your towel is. The Casamera Bath Towel’s ‘generously oversized’ design makes it easier to use, and even to wear. The towel comes with minimal borders, increasing its functional, absorbent surface, and is large enough to comfortably dry as well as cover your body. It even ships in three sizes, a Hybrid Towel size (a cross between a towel and face towel), the Bath Towel size (the standard), and the Bath Sheet (the largest). All of Casamera’s towels are sustainably produced using all-natural materials in one of Egypt’s oldest weaving factories, and they ship in a Self-Bag made from the same absorbent waffle-textured cotton cloth, eliminating the need for plastic in their packaging. They’re produced with minimal water wastage, minimal chemicals, and minimal emissions. The towels are naturally odor-resistant, and can easily be sanitized by washing at 60°C. While they’re perfect for using at home, their lightweight design makes them easy to travel with too!

Designer: Suliman E.

Click Here to Buy Now: $35 $55 ($20 off). Raised over $460,000.

Casamera –  Bath Towel Reimagined

A good towel is a dry towel. Casamera’s deep honey-comb like pockets helps it rapidly absorb water. This texture gives it more surface area and allows air to filter through, helping it to dry quicker.

Think waffle-weave only PLUSH.

Soaks up water – It doesn’t just push it around.

The unique, tasty texture feels pleasantly exfoliating on your skin.

Completely plastic and chemical-free.

Garment washed like those luxury apparel brands.

Wash at 60° worry-free (goodbye germs).

Bone-dry by lunchtime.

The Design

What makes their towel good at absorbing moisture is the deep honeycomb-like pockets.



Completely eliminating the need for plastic in the packaging, the self-bag will keep your towels clean and hygienic while making their journey to your door. This bag is completely re-usable, washable, and travel-friendly.

Click Here to Buy Now: $35 $55 ($20 off). Raised over $460,000.