Circle Phone, Going Back To Simplicity

I will give you a prediction here and now. The upswing in high-tech technology integrated into every facet of our lives will soon (say 5+ years from now) experience a backlash started by none other than us; designers. The Circle Phone is an example of such a backlash.

Designer Jin Le believes there will be a yearning for simplicity. His circle phone eschews almost everything current electronic design goes for. You won’t find a touchscreen here. There’s only 3 buttons and a rotary style dial pad set in a very modern looking ring.

Designer: Jin Le



  • paul says:

    i totally agree with you. most of our devices have around 5,000 functions that we never use. okay, so i’m exaggerating. but our pace of life and other cultural forces i think will drive us to designs that help us feel uncluttered. i know i already feel this.

  • JinLe says:

    that’s true paul.electronic product itself should not showed so many cold and soulless technology.

    • Popup says:

      but when I have to choose at least two or three things to bring with somewhere, I will pick up a multipurpose gadget….sometimes we need to have multi functional appliances instead of single functional things. If you once have a versatile unit, you will not need to buy single functional gadget…

  • Ronin_id says:

    First of all the idea of simplicity has been around for ages not a new thing(i.e the Bauhaus). If its a cell phone then it’s way to big and impractical, if it’s regular phone then is obsolete. Why are designer obsessed with putting holes in everything! Want a prediction! If we as designer don’t get off our butts and start tackling real problems that address a much larger population of the world instead off feeding our obsession for the object, we will end up with mountains made from electronics. Hummm! Oh ya that’s already happening!

  • seth says:

    where can I buy one!!!????

  • Jimmy C says:

    Simplicity is nice, but how do you hear the call?

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