Hanger Table

Although the designer denotes the Booksplay as a book hanger, one can see the design is better suited for magazines. There’s a slight Asian inspired design to the lines but the make screams modern. Perhaps the real treat here are the racks and sliding drawer – a way to display and keep older zines neatly tucked away.

Designer: Eol Lee


  • Orkku says:


    have no price?

  • Christine says:

    This could act as a desk too, no? A desk that is quite specific to the leg length it can accommodate and thigh thickness, but nonetheless, a seat and desk surface for a child to sit and read on.

  • Happy guy says:

    Wow, it’s nice and incredible design. So cute and quite simple design.
    I’d like to have it, could you contact me?
    I want to know about that product in detail.
    Thank you and good luck~

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