Now, Which One Is Mine?

Have you ever been to a party and misplaced your cup of beverage? You could have sworn you laid it down at your table, but there are several glasses, all identical lying next to each other. So instead of taking your chances, you have to go and dirty up another cup. Folding Cup is a new design to rid us of worries from drinking from someone else’s cup. With a design around the bottom of the cup, you can choose to mark your own cup by choosing a combination of letters, numbers or symbols unique to yourself. No two cups will be alike. You can always know exactly where your cup is without question.

Designer: Jaehyung Hong


  • Tablo says:

    You know Incidental expenses surpass the original outlay

  • Jeongeun Heo says:


  • jejus!, most people would’t like to use it. there are too many tasks to control it.we might busy for talking with people rather than operate it.. do you think just a one paper cup spend a more than 10 dollors? no.

  • redHONG says:

    이거 한양대 졸전갔다 봤는데 참 인상적이었습니다.
    컵대용 약봉투도 그렇고…
    멤버쉽 분이라고 들었는데…앞으로도 좋은디자인 기대해 봅니다.^^

  • LYN says:

    The question has become soooooooo popular…
    Every one want to give a solution.

  • Neo says:

    Someone has shown this same idea (only using numbers) and won an award in a competition for Universal Design in Taiwan in early 2007. As I know, the sponsor has patented this invention.

  • needed for publishing in TOP Item magazine Folding Cup hi-res photo

  • kenkie chiu says:

    This concept published in 2006 TAIWAN Universal DESIGN AWARD

  • wow, this work is similar to mine… and.. uncanny..
    anyway, Thank you for this information.

  • chojovi says:

    어디서 봤다느니 어디의 누구 아이디어라느니..

    그런말들이 많아 씁쓸하네요.

    100% 홍재형님의 아이디어라고 해도 믿어주지 않는 세상이 안타까워요.

    어차피 일찍 발표한사람이 먼저이긴 하지만요.

    디자이너 입장에서는 억울하더라고요.

    그냥 지나가다가 끄적여봤어요. 이렇게 외국싸이트에서 우리나라사람을 만나니 기쁘네요.

    화이팅이구요 힘내세요!

  • Miller.J says:

    This is much more simple and easy to use therefore. Any coincidence??

  • yang says:

    정말 좋은데 이분 디자인하는 거~^^작품들 쭉 봐왔는데 정말 뭐 디자인이 똑같다는 분도 계시지만 제가 보기엔 솔직히 보고 디자인 하실분이 아니라는걸 느껴요 이 컵뿐만아니라 다른 것도 쭉 봐왔지만 정말 인상 깊은 작품들이 많이 있더군요 더 좋은 작품기대합니다 화이팅^^
    정말 멋져요^^

  • Banana says:

    Oh I see now, instead of taking a new cup, reuse and recycle to save the environment!

  • I initially thought that this is not to determine your cup of this or not, but for fraud and deception in poker))

  • I initially thought that this is not to determine your cup of this or not, but for fraud and deception in poker))

  • paul sandip says:

    old stuff…

  • xxblahxx says:

    if the people are drunk, i don’t think they’ll even look to see if the cup is theirs

  • Albert says:

    or you can use any pen to write your name on the cup.

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