Swanky High-tech Serving

Did you know 12% of food born illnesses come from improper temperatures? Sure it may have been cooked but often times food is left out on a table for guests to serve themselves. In just one hour, as the food reaches room temperature, bacteria can run rampant. That’s where the Fête concept serving plates come in.

Using thermoelectric tech, the plates are able to maintain food inside the included bowls to optimum temperatures be it hot or cold. There are also a series of icons you activate to indicate what main ingredients are in each dish so guests know what to avoid should they have allergies.

Both the plates and bowls are made of tough polycarbonate so they’re totally dishwasher safe. If there’s any food left, just pop on the included glass lids to stow away in the fridge.

It’s just a concept for now but I can totally see this selling boatloads at Crate & Barrel.

Designer: Rosalin Chanyasak