Don’t get it mixed up with Post-it because it’s not. It’s a Pock-it. Same idea with a twist. Three sides of the stickie are well… sticky forming a little pocket. Great idea when you want to tell your roommate “rent is due, leave money in here”.

Designer: Pu Tai, Ayda Anlagan & Paul Blease



  • Megan Martin says:

    This idea is amazing! I want them!! Are they available or are there any plans to make them available to the public?

  • Kaiser-Machead says:

    Seems like a nice way for small businesses to stuff business cards in something…..er….I guess.

  • Amiash says:

    its good a use for placing notes of notes and little notes of phone numbers from last night.. and train tickets and notes.

  • Viktor says:

    Simple, and clever. I like it very much. 🙂

  • RyanRaven says:

    Funny because mac’s have the stickies app. That’s a big reason as to why i dont use stickies around my monitor anymore.

  • Shu says:

    damnit! why the hell didn’t I think of that? So simple.

  • Nickolas Titkov says:

    Wonderful idea! I hope seeing them soon on sale.

  • good call says:

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  • gaylord says:

    “Harold Lloyd
    Buster Keaton
    Dolly Parton”

    what a shopping list.

  • Great idea for people who like to leave a message in a pocket-like paper.

    I wonder if this type of paper is more easy to use than a magnet on a fridge.

  • Design Guru says:

    Interesting and fresh idea with Pock-it, I like it! Usually I use simple stickers to make notes for my family or collegues. But usually we experience some problems with stickers – they are too little to pay attention on them.

  • YS says:

    well done..i like it very very much…
    very simple concept, but not many ppl will think of that!! i want this!!

  • nXqd says:

    Great idea, very nice :D. But it’s just for notes that require stuffs :p

  • what's the poin says:

    the adhesive's probably not going to be strong enough to hold anything valuable

  • what's the point? says:

    the adhesive’s probably not going to be strong enough to hold anything valuable

    • jay says:

      I’m quite sure it could hold at least a couple hundred dollar bills, or credit cards. You’re mistakenly equating weight/size with value. Not to nitpick, and you’re right, it probably wouldn’t hold something like your keys (at least, not mine) or a cellphone, but you can do a lot with a very small weight in cash, and the thing is already pictured holding a credit card type object. While, sure, I can see some uses for the thing, and in fact, I do kinda like it for the “D’oh” factor. Why didn’t I think of that?

      Well, because I’m one of probably very few people in the world who despise post its. Seeing them stuck to my monitor is really damn distracting. But hey, I’m probably a group of one. That may be due to the adoption of typing on a keyboard over writing on paper in the second grade, around 1985 or so. Gawd, anyone else have fond memories of the IBM PC Convertible? After an accident left me with severe tendon damage in my dominant left hand, something had to give, and IBM obliged with a thermal printer that clipped onto the back of the machine, which ran at 4.77 mhz, had 2 720k floppies, and no HDD (later a 10MB was sold as an option). Not sure how that related to the post it, other than the fact that I can barely scribble out five words a minute, but can type at 70+. Yeah, Post its suffer from that clumsy pen/pencil interface.

      Hmm, not sure where I was going with all that, but there you have it all teh same.

  • Khalid says:

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  • Awesome idea, I want some, like duct tape this product could have countless uses

  • alexandr says:

    круто блядь!!!!

  • forrest says:

    amazing I want one now, and it’s stuck on a superior mac.

  • hughes says:

    this blows whats the point, its a rip off of post it note how about designing something new

  • Just stickers, now sticker pocket, will soon be su stickers electronic form.

  • Just stickers, now sticker pocket, will soon be su stickers electronic form.

  • Mike says:

    Don’t know how much I’d actually use these, but it’s a clever idea.

  • Jesse says:

    Thanks for the informative article

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