This cylinder-shaped drone helps keep an eye on extreme sports enthusiasts in the outdoors

Just the same way a car designed for racing isn’t the same as a car designed to transport families, the Alvix Multifunctional Drone isn’t designed to look like your average hobby-drone. It comes in a compact cylindrical format, made for easy carrying, and opens out into a rugged drone capable of recording and monitoring extreme sports enthusiasts and players, who always carry heavy equipment and perform high-risk sporting activities alone.

Think of the Alvix drone as your spotter, but in the outdoors – keeping a watchful eye on you as you engage in extreme sports. Its cylindrical format makes it easy to carry, as well as gives it a protective covering, as the drone’s propellers have built-in circular guards around them. The drone comes with a wearable that helps it track the wearer at all times, keeping a watchful eye on them. If something untoward were to happen, the alarm system built into Alvix will beep and shine when it detects an emergency, saving time, and making the search & rescue mission more efficient.

The Alvix Multifunctional Drone is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2020.

Designer: Yu-Ling Lien and Jia-Xin Liu