2007 Electrolux Design Lab Finalists

Electrolux has chosen eight finalists to compete for first place in Electrolux Design Lab 07, the fifth edition of this annual global competition. Hundreds of design students from around the world entered this year’s competition and were challenged to present their ideas on for eco-friendly and sustainable household appliances and solutions for 2020. The winner of Electrolux’s Design Lab 2007 competition will be announced tomorrow in Paris, and these are the final eight products hoping to win their creator 5,000€ ($7,435).

Source: Electrolux Design Lab [ Via: Gizmodo ]

Go Fresh by He Cheng Fei. Go Fresh is an energy-saving fridge with 12 individual, honeycomb-shaped compartments that are temperature-controlled and automatically close the air inlet when the correct temperature is reached.

Pure Washer by Tatjana Voronova. Pure Washer is a rotating dual kitchen sink and detergent-free compact dishwasher that reduces water consumption and uses degassed water to remove oily dirt from dishes.

Fog Shower by Joo Diego. Fog Shower is a shower that uses a fog of microscopic water droplets and only two liters of water for a five-mintue shower, compared to 26 liters for today’s most efficient water-saving showerheads.

e-Wash by Levente Szab. e-Wash is a compact washing machine with a regular wash load capacity that uses soap nuts instead of regular detergents.

Return Pot by Juan Ying-Hao. Return Pot is a plastic decomposer that turns plastic bags made from polyactic acid (PLA) resin into compost for plants.

Circompo by Thanat Tengamnuay. Circompo is a composter and garbage bin that decomposes organic waste-especially food-using microorganisms that are kept under ideal conditions of air, moisture and heat to speed the process.

Pebble by Laura Pandelle. Pebble is a solar food cooker that uses spray-on solar cells and induction heating for precise, energy-efficient cooking.

Nature Wind by Bae Won-Ho. Nature Wind is a solar-powered air cleaner mounted to a window that uses a series of filters to refresh and sanitize household air.