A Chair with Many Faces

This extraordinary chair was created with an understanding of how our moods change on a regular basis. At times, we feel like being close to those we love and care about, other times, we like to have our space and just sit back with a good book or watch your favorite show and relax. The designer created this Protean chair to allow the user to create the atmosphere that they were wanting at any given moment. The Protean chair can be arranged as a love seat with two end tables or if you wish, you can slide the chairs apart and create two separate seats with a table in between. Another exciting bonus is that if you feel like engaging in a deep conversation, you can flip the chairs allowing the users to look at each other while speaking or flirting, depending on your mood.

Designer: Justin Porcano


  • Freshome says:

    I think that the price for this piece is huge.

  • cool idea but i doubt about the price. it might be expensive

  • cool idea but i doubt about the price. it might be expensive

  • Jorge says:

    I like all these very cool designs but where and when can I buy them! I come here as often as I get updates but am feeling like I’ll never see any of these designs on the market, yes I know of the store but most of the items of note are still not there…

  • jean says:

    its cool, but you have to get up to change the position? would be better if you can just slide over to your girlfriend 😉

    • Brennan says:

      That’s what I was thinking.

      “Oh, look, we’re getting serious. Hang on while I get up, take off my chair, flip it around and put it back on in my cramped apartment corner. Be with you in a jiffy!”

      Meanwhile, by the time you get the chair around, the girl has left.

      Another night alone with your expensive chair…

  • I like it. Where can I get one?

  • Jimmy C says:

    How are you supposed to carry it if it falls out?

  • David says:

    Sounds like you’re familiar with those lonely nights alone…

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