Can Never Be Too Low Tech

People have got their fancy digital pens, white boards, and tablets when they need to jot down notes quickly but sometimes, having a piece of scrap paper by the phone is just better. The Memo Pad Phone takes that old school tech and sorta brings it into the 21st century. The sheets of paper has a square cut out in the center to fit around the phone’s dial pad. The phone itself? Well it’s just an ordinary phone. Touchscreen fanatics look somewhere else. This is a design my grandparents would love.

Designer: Arthur Xin


  • this is a plain ripoff of a design by Naoto Fukasawa in the late 90's…..nice copy…not as good as naoto's tho.

  • Treetrunk says:

    The problem with this idea is that it tries to solve a problem which doesn’t exist (just because you want to write stuff down while on the phone doesn’t mean you want to write it ON the phone!) and ends up significantly worse than the alternative of an ordinary phone and separate pad, because you’d need specific pads for it and have to squeeze notes around the outside of the keypad (which once you’ve used a few pages will be above the writing surface getting in the way even more). Poor effort.

  • Asvetic says:

    According to the poll over at
    People don’t use telephones anymore, making this design obsolete.

    Anyway, I keep a notepad in the drawer next to the pens.

  • è°¢ says:


    make it colorful?

  • jin woo han says:

    Good idea, but too late. I’ve seen tihs idea few years ago.
    I’d rather put the note-paper under monitor.

  • says:


    make it colorful?

  • carl says:

    people dont use the phone anymore lol what a tool.

    its a great idea, quirky and original. brilliant for hotels and restaurants.

  • nk says:

    at least he’s right about the grandparents liking it part.

  • kaly says:

    Donde puedo comprarlo?

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