You Don’t Need Wolverine’s Power

There’s a new generation of bandages coming that accelerates healing using electric fields. One of those concepts is called HealFast which is specifically design for diabetic patients. Diabetics often experience chronic ulcers and pressure sores so a new bandage had to be designed to address those issues. HealFast can be applied with just one hand. Place the pad on the wound, press down and peel off the surrounding paper guard. This activates an electric charge that generates a very weak energy field. This field prevents infection in the surrounding tissues so the body can concentrate on sealing it.

Designer: Donn Koh


  • Gigermunit says:

    Well sadly not everyone has x-men recovery abilities so this would be a great way to start out.

  • Mandarin says:

    With a box of these, some tights and body armor and a couple of boomerangs , I can begin my one-man fight against crime!

  • Ethanthom says:

    I use a bandage made by Curad that has silver dioxide in the pad. It makes cuts and scrapes heal faster.I don’t know how but it works,and has no cartoon characters.

    • House says:

      The silver coated curad bandage was simply an antibaterial coating simmilar to the nanosilver coating you hear being put on new electronics. This bandage works in a different way, for some unknown reason a weak electrical charge speeds the healing of wounds. It’s nice to see this technology finally being applied, it has much potential.

  • Jonb4more says:

    i wonder how heavy it is.

  • cati says:

    I love this idea, very pretty and so useful too. I am really curious to understand how such a bandage create electric field, how do the charges pass? Maybe the nanosilver coating helps healing but how does it create electric charges? Very intriguing …

  • JD says:


    seriously, go die in a fire, there are people who will end up not seeking EXPERT medical advice because you have given them something that won’t work. shame

    • Shu says:

      You need to chill and read the posts carefully “One of those concepts is called HealFast ” it’s only a CONCEPT. No one in their right state of mind will read this post and stop seeking an expert medical advice.

  • JD says:

    Well if we’re talking concepts, I have a medical device that cures all diseases. I’ll get right on a photoshop of it and post it asap.

    And the reason I mention that is you see similar products, such as magnetic bracelets, that purport to cure diseases and in reality, do nothing. I’m sure people ignorant enough to purchase these products are also ignorant enough to think they don’t need to consult a doctor. If they had consulted a doctor, they wouldn’t buy the stupid snake oil products to begin with.

    • Shu says:

      I understand where you are coming from and I agree, people are ignorant enough to believe in stupid things. But again it’s still a concept meaning it’s not avaliable to purschase anywhere. So you can rest assure no one would be using this thing meaning they would need to still consult with a doctor.

  • NaKkA says:

    Hi guyz,

    So, about the design concern: of course everybody noticed right above the picture that we are talking about the design part.

    Technical concern: cost oriented

    I know cost isn’t what we are focusing on , but still, there is a need to have the concept and the application on the same level: you can’t try make delighting of the consumer compete with healing of himp or her……. why would you develop a 3pieces/3steps bandage for hospital purpose when you can make it half the price by REMOVING THE STEP 3 (one hand apply is not what is expected and looked for. I would suggest a redesign of the bandage especially on the handling aspect 😉

    NaKkA …. Tech-NaKkA-ly feasible?

  • 厚度是 says:



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