Waking Up To Your MP3 Player

Here is the YOM, your typical clock radio alarm with an atypical USB dock for your MP3 player. Instead of waking up to the radio or some blaring noise, why not plug your USB stick loaded with your favorite tunes? You can set which songs to wake up to via the touch sensitive controls.

The speakers are also good enough to act as a stereo. The USB stick then becomes a joystick to toggle thru your playlists. Quite an innovative use for something that would otherwise just be a weird eyesore.

Designer: Philipp Goeder


  • Alinosteglinski says:

    dang not ipod or iphone compatible…

    • Taime says:

      What’s wrong, it seems someone has made something for an mp3 player that isn’t Apple related, people should be throwing a party and skipping work.

  • powaz says:

    why would it need to be iPhone compatible when it already has a built-in alarm which you can set to MP3? anyway I just use my mac as an alarm clock with my choice of 20 gigs of songs to wake up to.

  • Eric says:

    Where on this green Earth can I buy the YOM?


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