Interview With Yin Yang Furniture Designer Nicolas Thomkins

The graphic representation of Yin and Yang in the form of the Chinese Taiji symbol illustrates the dual principle of the Asian philosophy, according to which balance can only be obtained as harmony of opposing forces. The design of the Yin Yang chaise longue created by the Swiss designer Nicolas Thomkins draws on this philosophy and for that we interviewed him:

Mr Thomkins, what inspired you to create this special product and what was your intention behind it?

Stones that have been hollowed out by the surf; sand dunes in the desert, which appear and disappear again within a single day and into which you can embed yourself and drift along.

What are in your opinion the special challenges designers are facing today?

To react to the omnipresent sensory overload with modesty, following the ‘Smart’ dogma: ‘reduce to the max.’

What would you as a designer like to achieve in the future?

The sustainable integration of so-called developing and emerging market countries into our economic system by design transfer.

What economic significance does design have in your opinion?

Design is the trigger of desires and therefore the trigger of the buying impulse in a saturated society.

Designer: Nicolas Thomkins