Wood Confined to Seat

Let me show you a rather unique way of thinking about furniture. The following is an ongoing furniture series by designer Inon Retting. This amazingly talented fellow is part of a group of Israeli designers that share a design studio by the name of DesignGroup. In this project / series, Retting decides to flip furniture design inside-out. Instead of creating legs then placing the seat on top of them for a stool, Retting places the stool’s seat inside of the material that makes up the support. Oddness!

The process used to create these unique sculptural seats is Vacuum Forming, that being essentially getting plastic so hot that it bends and forms to whatever shape is inside of it, meanwhile using a vacuum to pull down the plastic so it can form itself around the shape it will take. In the example shown in the video below, Retting and partners create a couple of stools whose heads are inside the bottom of the plastic form of the stool, thus adding structure and thus creating a bit of furniture like no other, none other, absolutely unique in this world of industrial design.

What do you think? Does the form hold up after the wildness of the process has expired? Will this stool be a pathway to a whole new world of furniture forming?

Designer: Inon Retting