Stacking Chairs Into Shelves

The idea behind stacking chairs was a good one. They can neatly be stored away when not in use but the problem is they still take up space. This particular design by Jun Murakoshi creates another usable function by turning stacked chairs into shelving. The idea in this duality is if you’re going to take up space, might as well be useful and functional.

Designer: Jun Murakoshi


  • the chairs are nice and i can see them being implemented, although for practical purpose i think a ctorage box that fits into the chair would be better, the boxes could be stackable so to ease building the shelf and using the chairs. plastic boxes or wood with perspex so one can see the content would be ideal, plastic as it is light and durable.

  • john says:

    Nice idea, but what happens when you need the chairs again? Where do you put the stuff that are on the shelves?

  • Aplus says:

    I am a bit perplex..not really practical..and migth be messy in the use

  • Dear sir/madam
    My name is Fred Williams and i will like to know if you have Shelvings and i need to order some of them and the what sizes do you have and any sizes let me know it and what is the price and method of payment do you accept and i hope to hear from you soon.
    Best Regard
    Fred Williams

  • What happens when you need a chair but it's being used as a shelf?

  • What happens when you need a chair but it's being used as a shelf?

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