Better Than A Trailer Apartment

Young people want to own their own homes but dang if it ain’t expensive. So they’re forced to choose really small tight spaces that weren’t designed for modern living. This is where the mobile track apartment comes in. These small but flexible apartments provide practical living dimensions that cater to all their needs. The different rooms are divided and hidden behind sliding doors set on a track. This mobile system allows you to close off any rooms not in use so the main space stays open. The same track also allows you to move the rooms around. The only rooms that have to stay put are the kitchen and bathroom for plumbing reasons.

Smaller spaces don’t mean cheap cop outs on appliances either. They’re all stainless steel electrical with full exhaust hoods for cooking and full size cabinetry for storage. Many of the rooms have built in units like shelving, tables, and even lighting. Can you imagine yourself in one of these?

Designer: Setmund Leung Kam Biu


  • will says:

    The pictures clearly show movable shelves stolen from libraries, which are horrendously expensive, the kitchen moves in those photos and the bed is always down? thats the best way to save space as its the most easily folded. Poor design from someone with too much time for graphics on their hands.

    • paul says:

      Will – you are a nincompoop. Nothing is ever created out of thin air, ideas are borrowed, morphed and applied to different contexts as done in this case with the library shelving. You should also learn to look at images at greater detail before questioning the design – let me walk you through this… the first image clearly shows that all doors are closed explaining the gap between the bed and first set of doors…. this leeway is needed in order to slide the doors open. As for the first set of doors… take a closer look you ding bat… (probably a closet).

  • Timeless says:

    the idea is good. it brings a whole new fresh idea to the public.
    DO you happen to take in account of ‘fengshui’? Not kidding and dun be offended.
    Some do believe. It is said ‘walk in wardrobe’ caused a 3rd party into relationship.

    How can one improve the space better to keep away from this issue too?

  • G6771011 says:

    Good style… I think it will be critically judged on the quality of slide doors…
    because once you live with your girlfriend or boyfriend… I mean two people… the doors are dangerous when one of you want come out from studying room, and same time another wants to come out from kitchen…
    However, I still like it! It fits for a bachelor like me…

  • servant74 says:

    Multiplexing the use of space is a great idea. … Yea, the library implementation is expensive, but it is useful for things that are not used ‘all the time’ by not many people, where the cost of the floor space for the isles between the islands of ‘shelves’ is more expensive than the moving shelving system.

    To this extent I could see this useful in Tokyo, or NYC, but I doubt you would see it in Houston where land is much less expensive.

    Not much is heaver than books (think a solid brick of wood the size of the entire shelving system, that is what they must hold up without that ‘wood’ having any structural integrity of its own! So designed movable partitions might not need to be as ‘heavyweight’. Also when storing books or files, the floor weighting is a consideration. (Filing cabinets are heavier than a car in the same number of square feet, and have to have a building that can support them.)

    Neat project. I hope someone really builds it!

  • Khidir says:

    I really like it because it is soo smooth, made in wood and it's quite comfortable for old people. But two thing is missing. 1.Windows and 2.Door.

  • Imran Khan says:

    Amazing and creative apartments with wood work, awesome look and well organized. Great share!!!

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