Better Than A Trailer Apartment

Young people want to own their own homes but dang if it ain’t expensive. So they’re forced to choose really small tight spaces that weren’t designed for modern living. This is where the mobile track apartment comes in. These small but flexible apartments provide practical living dimensions that cater to all their needs. The different rooms are divided and hidden behind sliding doors set on a track. This mobile system allows you to close off any rooms not in use so the main space stays open. The same track also allows you to move the rooms around. The only rooms that have to stay put are the kitchen and bathroom for plumbing reasons.

Smaller spaces don’t mean cheap cop outs on appliances either. They’re all stainless steel electrical with full exhaust hoods for cooking and full size cabinetry for storage. Many of the rooms have built in units like shelving, tables, and even lighting. Can you imagine yourself in one of these?

Designer: Setmund Leung Kam Biu