Origami Chair

Cardine is a folding chair formed with only 1 sheet of plastic and two pairs of Velcro. This simple structure requires extremely few resources and energy for manufacturing so it can be an answer for the sustainable future. And the low cost to produce will make it a low price product so anybody who wants to use will be able to have it. Cardine can be folded to a chair and also be unfolded at any time and place. You can have a chair anywhere and just roll it up when you leave. It is almost weightless. Kids can carry their own chair on picnic so they don’t have sit on dirty grass or dirt. And also, its interesting folding structure (2D to 3D) will give them an inspiring experience. Unfolded Cardine is flat and takes a little space. It is easy to stack and will save space to keep. And its lightness will make you carry tens of them at one time. It will be very useful for some place for seminar or convention.

Designer: Sooin Kim