Smart cane automatically adjusts to your walking terrain

According to the World Health Organization, falls, specifically for senior citizens, is a major public health problem. There are a lot who use canes and other walking aids but there are also some who prefer not to use any since they’re inconvenient at times or because of their pride. But we’re also seeing some aids that have become smarter and can adjust to the needs of those that need these tools to move around.

Designer: Claire Ko

Halo is one such tool that may appeal to those who are still hesitant to use canes because of their limitations. This one is a smart cane where you can adjust your smartphone so it can adjust its height automatically. It can adjust the height of the cane depending on the terrain that you’re walking on. This includes walking up and down the stairs, which is one of the most difficult daily tasks that senior citizens and other people with walking difficulties experience.

The Halo Smart Cane provides control to those using it as you are not limited to just the standard height of most canes. It also provides stability to the user as it will not let you slop or stumble even when it changes its height based on what the smartphone and the app detects. Once you attach your phone, there is a button on the cane that switches to automatic mode.

The height-adjustment mechanism included in the cane is still patent-pending but on paper, it is a pretty useful tool for those who need better assistance while walking. There isn’t a lot of detailed information yet on the materials used and the mechanism involved probably because of the ongoing patent application.