Sumo Lounge Omni Review

There’s something comforting about allowing your body to totally collapse and relax. Even with the comfiest and coziest chairs and couches, we’re forced to sit how the furniture intended for us to sit. Totally not the case with the Sumo Lounge Omni.

I had the lucky opportunity of nabbing one of these from the company for a review and let me start off by saying I’m sitting on one now, writing up this post and yes it’s comfy. Think of it as an oversized bean bag and when I say oversized, I mean almost 5 x 6 feet. That’s about the size of my area rug. The thing came in a huge box but its size defies its weight. It’s totally light enough for one person to maneuver and shape. That’s where the fun comes in. The nature of bean bags allows you to shape them any way you see fit. Sumo advertises 10 different ways to use the Omni but I found several more. My favorites are what I call the mattress top and the occasional chair which is how I have it now. The mattress top is basically the Sumo Omni flat on the ground like a giant pillow, it invites you to slam down on it and you could totally do that too. The tough rip stop nylon and thick stitching make it more than capable of taking a beating tho I wouldn’t recommend using it in a pillow fight. The occasional chair takes some practice but imagine standing the Omni up, then sitting right on it so your bum forms a little nook and almost organically two armrests appear.

So here’s what you get when you order a Sumo Omni. Once you choose from one of the 10 colors, your Omni arrives ready to use with an extra box of filling. If you like it a little firmer, add just a little more of the extra beads. Don’t go nutty and add the entire bag like I did. The Omni will become too fat. Also be CAREFUL when you fill the Omni. Those beads are so tiny, they’re murder to clean up. Take your time and scoop them in. Don’t do like I did because my floor literally looked like snow from just one little mishap. Once you get the bag the way you want it, plop it down anywhere and you’re good to go. Clean up is a cinch. A little damp paper towel is all that’s needed.

The Omni retails for $129 and there’s even a cool little matching ottoman called the Otto for $75. Shipping is free so if you have a game room, a dorm, guest room, an empty corner, or just like having a bean bag that doesn’t look like a tacky throw back – you might wanna try the Omni.

Buy It Here: Sumo Lounge