Around The Fire We Go

Greed For Quiet is a fire pit and furniture all in one. The fire pit sits in a self enclosed unit surrounded by wood planks supporting 5 chairs. The design looks as if you’re floating. Each of the “chair blades” can rotate around the fire pit to customize your conversational grouping.

I think it looks great but I can only imagine what would happen if there was too much weight on one side. Would that flip the entire fire pit over? If weight distribution isn’t an issue, I can see myself having a rousing game of Duck Duck Goose on this thing. Who’s in?

Designer: Jan Brauer

Fireplace by Jan Brauer


  • ideaonly says:

    advanced idea!

    I feel not safe enough, but good design.

  • M says:

    Interesting. The value of a round pit tho is the ability to mingle at any point within it’s reference area. This design takes away all the reasons to have a pit as well as removal of interactive possibilities. If a person only wants to lounge and stare at a fire by themselves then this would suit.

  • Brent Wiznit says:

    First, it’s not a wood burning fire, so there’s not going to be lots of smoke. Many gas fireplaces are ventless nowadays (like the one in my house, and no problems). Second, this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life. Sitting around a fire with a group of people mesmerized by the flames. What better way to have some of the best conversations of your life? Third, Elvis is still alive and he sings karaoke in Bean Station, Tennessee.

  • Sunra says:


    • Johnny says:

      I disagree, I think it’s a fairly clever design. The exhaust manifold over the fire could stand a bit of a funnel though. It seems like any draft in the room would push the smoke past the chimney and into the room. The chair design appears to be sturdy. I would love to have one in my flat.

      • Jake Enslein says:

        I’m with Johnny I think this design is great. It could be dangerous, if you were a moron. No one would go up and try to jump through the flames. I would live in a apartment that had one of these fire places

  • Nick says:

    I love the idea of floating in rotation around a fire.

    Safety should not be an issue for anyone old enough to buy such an item.
    Regarding the vent, there is a clear glass hood even though a gas fire would
    likely emit no smoke. There are clever ways to implement a fan system to
    distribute the hot air into the room when on as well.

    Stylish chairs too.

    I’m assuming they can be rotated to be next to each other without upsetting
    the balance. I also assume that they don’t bounce TOO much when you
    would sit in them.

    Aside from the balance and the bounce, I think this is great.

  • Benjamin says:

    It would be great if the elevation of the chairs were slightly staggered, like the hands on a clock. The chairs not in use could be slid under each other, out of sight.

  • Benjamin says:

    Great design. I would love to have one of these.

  • Carl says:

    utter rubbish.

  • David says:

    Perfect Design!! where can I get one, I’ve been doing a search and cant find it! anyone know?

  • Margot says:

    This design is memorable, if nothing else. I like the concept, but wonder how many people have space like this to put such a piece in their homes? And where does the smoke go?

  • proof76 says:

    I like the idea – but I think it’s just a luxurious “show off” kinda thing.
    1. it’s huuuge, but only 5people can sit around it.
    2. so it might fit into some hotel spa area, but…
    3. ..those 5 people are somehow far away, so would have to be talking loud to hear each other-that’s controversial to chilling
    4. you can’t get closer to the fire, as the seats are locked
    5. weight would definitely have to be considered seriously!
    6. I don’t like the mix of materials!
    There are plastic seats combined with wood,a metall bowl and base, maybe it’s stones or choped wood beneath that and the chimney made of glass…too much I think.

  • Bill says:

    It looks cool but they should have some sort of turbine in the middle so the convention current could ever so slowly turn the chairs(but could easily be stopped) just to make more use of the fire itself…

  • Jimmy C says:

    Maybe they can put wheels under the chairs. That would solve the weight problem.

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