Fish Bowls Galore

An installation called “Fish Bowls” comprises of 15 different fish bowls that explores variations of the iconic place setting. Each piece examines a topic or suggests a solution to an issue. “Dear neighbor”, for example tells us about the delicate relationships we have with our close neighbors. “Suicidal Tendencies” prevents your fish from committing suicide, and “XS or XL?” gives your fish a chance to decide how big of a bowl he wants.

Designer: Roger Arquer


  • Zach says:

    this is sick! It reminds me of something that you would get for a pet rat of hampster. I love the whole concept of connecting modern glass bowls to give your fish pathways to swim around on. Great idea.

    • Sack says:

      A nice way to torture fish. Hmmm, let me throw a coin in and see if it lands on a fish. If that happens do I get two slurpees instead of one?

  • Charlie says:

    So is there a reason you’d cover up the top of a fish bowl, restricting the oxygen into the bowl, which in a round bowl like that is already poor?

  • Punisher says:

    very very nice.

  • j says:

    You think that’s bad, you should look at Maywa Denki’s work…they made this high design fish bowl with thin, sharp spears held above the water that randomly will drop to possibly kill a fish.

  • brittany says:

    goldfish aren’t supposed to be in bowls. they need oxygen. Way to block off the oxygen supply. Neat design ideas…lets try to be more humane about it though.

  • hannah says:

    sure they look cool, but how would u like 2 be trapped in an air-less orb for your entire life!?

  • caleb says:

    nice how would be with out air how would you like to with out man i should tell the ASPCA!!!!

  • Josh says:

    Can you achually buy any of these bowls because i really want one.

  • Charlee says:

    i am looking at fish bowls for the center pieces at my wedding. i really think that these are amazing designs and would love to have them at my wedding. are these for sale and if so, how much if i were to buy 15 or so?

  • xxblahxx says:

    i think the last one will tip over…it looks unstable

  • o0PaleHorse0o says:

    You all need to chill. Obviously you haven’t heard of doing regular water changes. Anybody know where I can buy one?

  • No Sick Fish says:

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