A Town Under Cup

This is the lovely Flowing City Coaster brought to you by the fine folks at MEGAWING. Designed by Liu Chenhsu and coming in either clear or black, made entirely of Silica gel and sized at approximately W3.5 x L3.5 x H0.2″. Made to realize the age-old idea of a micro city, how strange it would be to have little objects finding us humans so very gigantic. A single drop becomes a flood in these itty bitty streams.

Condensation will become a river for the city here in the warm and hot days of summertime. Watch out for total world overflow! These lovely coasters come in sets of two, so you can get your double drink on.

Designer: Liu Chenhsu of MEGAWING [Buy It Here Flowing City Coaster is available for $12 @ YD Store]

Flowing City Coaster is available for $12 @ YD Store