A legacy updated!


Rolls-Royce is more brand than car. Yes, they make some stunning automobiles (sometimes painted with real diamonds), but they’re selling you the idea of luxury rather than a product). The company is known for its large, unassuming cars, with their perfect paint-jobs, stellar interiors, and the Spirit of Ecstacy, but what if they were also known for their automotive design??

Ivan Venkov thinks RR needs an aesthetic refresh. Their work is remarkable but is far from contemporary, he says. The conceptual RR Coupé builds on the design of the Silver Cloud, but gives the entire automobile a series of visual tweaks that make the car look like Rolls-Royce 2.0. Take for starters the headlamps, that opt for the angular, aggressive approach as opposed to Rolls-Royce’s standard horizontal headlamp. All the curves are indicative of flowiness, that deviate from the blockish designs of Rolls-Royce. The result is a car that may be body-heavy, but looks aerodynamic thanks to the use of flowing lines (that side profile steals my heart!).

The rims of the concept car get a chariot-like appearance, saying luxury without literally having to, and my personal favorite is the little lady on the front. The Spirit of Ecstacy gets her avatar updated too. While the older statuette was probably the most flowy/organic thing on the entire car, with the billowing clothes, the new Spirit is definitely more edgy and sculptural, looking modern/contemporary, rather than something you’d see in a museum.

Every inch of the RR Coupé is redesigned, from its remarkable continuous taillight to the angular headlamps, to the Spirit of Ecstacy. What’s remarkable is that even though so much has changed, the Rolls-Royce flavor isn’t lost. If nothing, it’s enhanced, and holds the ability to capture more hearts, don’t you think??

Designer: Ivan Venkov