UNI Computer Builds ‘Em As You Go

UNI is a compartmentalized computer concept by where most of the important media and computational functions have been broken up into modules. You only buy what modules you need thus allowing for expansion.

Thanks to the Network HomePlug technology and wireless USB, digital signals can transfer through normal household powerlines at 200mbps. Wireless USB allows the different modules to communicate with each other at 480Mbps.

The Think module is the main computer unit. This is where most of the processing and data handling occurs. The DVD module lets you read audio/video data while the STORE module lets you save anything to it.

This paradigm shift in computer design also benefits those who want to upgrade certain components that are normally hardwired into today’s computers such as video display outputs. Use the standard VGA module until you need to upgrade to the HDMI module. Then just swap one for the other or keep both on for some real flexibility.

Although the concept is intriguing, I find daunting to have to expand my computer’s footprint everytime I need to upgrade. Now more than ever, space is at a premium. Nobody wants a monster on their desk.

Designer: Richard Choi