Form Follows Function, Maybe!

Gotto love the cheeky tagline of the 3F Concept Vacuum Cleaner, it says ‘Form Follows Function.’ Given that Yanko Design believes that ‘Form Beyond Function’, the debate surrounding this vacuum’s form and function, can get quite heated! To tie it up for you, the Triple”F” is a cleaner that it cleans, disinfects and freshens the air in your home.

The inspiration for this vacuum comes from ballet dancing: while at work it resembles a skirt, floating gracefully over your floor. Thanks to the different built-in filters, you can interchange the scented filters to get the aroma of your choice.


  • When the vacuum is OFF, it stands erect to avoid wastage of space in compact apartments.
  • When it is ON, it extends its base to gain better stability and a wider working surface.
  • The 3F cleaner is fully autonomous and can even reach its charging base on its own.
  • It can be controlled via smartphones and tablets, so that the user can ensure cleanliness remotely.

Designer: Germain Verbrackel