A Printer Table Literally

For those of us cursed with limited space, Space For You is the answer. It’s a combination printer and table that blends in well with small offices as furniture. The faux drawers are actually paper loading trays and the slit is where your prints come out. Now nobody will scold you for setting your drink on top of the printer.

Designer: Lukas Koh

Lukas Koh


  • Steve Hobbs says:

    IDEO did this about 10 years ago, so this is basically a complete rip off. The IDEO concept was however far better realised and finished in wood. Sorry Lukas, but you’ll have to keep trying if you want to be original.

    • IDEO Employee says:

      Most design/concepts are in one way or another inspired by previous design. Look at the automotive industry, they all copy each other. Are you going to call out BMW & Mercedes a complete rip off now Steve?

  • Carry Wang says:

    I agree that Steve Said. I saw simillar things many other articles excpet Ideo’s…but you still keep your mind for your dream : >

  • Nickie Nickle says:

    IDEO Employee? I fell doubt about this commenter.
    Maybe he/she is Lukas.. aren’t you?

  • Steve Hobbs says:

    I just didn’t see anything here that was better or improved than what I saw in the IDEO concept a few years ago… sorry. There’s not much point in showcasing a design if it doesn’t procgress or improve on what came before. Of course I am not going to pick out Mercedes and BMW as rip offs, that would be stupid. But their evolutionary improvements between each design iteration (new production model) are more obvious than the differences between Lukas’ concept and IDEO’s.

  • Steve Hobbs says:

    Alll that said, I wouldn’t have commented if the design hadn’t provoked my interest… as IDEO’s was a concept, I recommend Lukas to hunt it out (because I certainly don’t accuse him of plagerism) and then use both to improve his and then manufacture & market it. You could probably hack some existing printers (somehow) and intergrate them into a working product. Just do it Lukas.

  • jin woo han says:

    Hi Steve Hobbs..
    Where can I see the IDEO printer concpet ?
    I had a same thought such as table printer several monthes ago… so i discussed the concpet with IDEO design deirector (his name is Markus) when i participated in their workshop, but he didn’t comment anything about the same thing. I don’t know why Markus didn’t tell me about that whether IDEO table printer was secret or not. So i wonder how the IDEO printer looked.

    Ps. I doubt what commented by IDEO employee is real him too.

  • Tomo Akamine says:

    This concept will revolutionalise the printer.
    It could be a useful printer in my office. 🙂

    mmm… I read comments on the above…
    I am also a designer but never seen it before…..

    Anyway, you might know that anyone can think same idea.
    KAMPATENE ! Lukas !

  • ramona says:

    Two fundamental problems with this concept, from somebody with limited space:

    (1) Good gravy, the last thing I need is another piece of furniture in my work area. All this provides is a small work surface – no storage, for one thing. At least put a file drawer in the bottom, and a pencil drawer in the top.

    (2) For the printer to plug into my PC, it’s going to have to either be adjacent to my desk (limiting furniture arrangements) or require an awful lot of cabling (messy). So the printer will have to be wireless.

    (2) Unless you provide quite a few table designs and finishes, it’s not going to match the furniture the end-user already has.

    (3) Decent-looking furniture is not cheap. Decent printers are. When the printer dies, I’ll have to buy a whole new piece of furniture. When my current printer dies, I’ll buy a new one for $20 on ebay, or get one as a freebie with my new laptop.

    How about a printer shaped like a flatbed scanner – one that you could set things on, or use as a monitor base?

  • ramona says:

    Whoops, that was four problems, not two, wasn’t it….

  • haas says:

    Sorry, I can’t recognize what’s the value….
    Don’t you have printer and table?

  • Dase14 says:

    Is there anywhere that I can purchase this or similar?

  • jose ortiz says:

    love the concept if it ever gets off the drawing pad i would love to buy one let me know when that happens

  • do says:

    It is very pleasant and smooth, neo is only a sketch, but realized there was such a product?

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