Bello Touchscreen PMP

The holy grail of touch interface design seems to be marrying the simplicity of hand gestures with deep navigation. This is Bello’s speciality. Designer Ryan Han wanted to create a portable media player anyone could use. You have finger swipes and flicks but also the novel ideas of shaking and pouring. Shaking the player turns all your files to iconic pieces of paper you can stack and organize. Tipping the player over another (like a teapot) initiates a file transfer.

Designer: Ryan Han


  • I love it, the glass border looks very nice too. 🙂
    Hope it will be real one day.

  • WILL says:

    Intreseting UI design
    I like it

  • Gerhard says:

    I wanna have one! Yay!

  • Frans says:

    After being somewhat disappointed by the touch implementation on the iPod Touch, I’m really curious how this one would work out.

    Here’s another one hoping this design will be real one day.

  • Glostix says:

    Although it would be a “Kool concept/idea” but keeping your hand in that position everytime you want to transfer will get annoying after a while. Not to mention how long it will take to transfer since it doesn’t drop(transfer) as fast as gravity would make it. I’m sure people would be dropping this thing while doing this motion and I’m sure real gravity won’t be as forgiving(slow) as the transfer rate. 😛

  • TH says:

    These gestures look cool and intuitive. It’s great to see there’s a lot of innovative thinking going on in this field, now that multi-touch surfaces and motion detectors are making their way to consumer electronics, in a big way.

    I agree that having to “pour” files from one device to another might not be ideal if the files take long to transfer, but I understood that the pouring gesture would just initiate the transfer and the device could then be laid to rest for the transfer to be completed.

    Controlling the connections and interactions with other devices on the range is an interesting design problem. What is the best way to control how the PMP talks to others around it, with the computer it might be synced with or even peripherials like loudspeakers etc.? This is a big issue and I think the pouring-gesture is a good idea for this, but of course just the beginning.

    Detecting the direction or at least proximity of other wireless / bluetooth -enabled devices in range needs to be translated to graphical representation so that the user is aware of the affordances of the situation. Then, having an intuitive way to contol the possible interactions (transfer files to another device, sync with the media library on a computer, stream content to media centre or play music through BT headphones etc.) is what can really distinguish one device from the mass of PMP’s out there.

    Think about “sweep to stream”: make a large sweeping-like motion to start streaming the music to the space around you using the media center in the room. Or “zigzag to sync”, click open the icon of computer on the PMP screen and make a quick forward-back movement to synchronise the medial libraries. Etc.

  • JSCSEATTLE says:

    This really could be awesome. It doesn’t say that this will be the only way to transfer files. There was a lot of resistance to the Sony click wheel and the iPod wheel and to the iPhone touch interface. It needs to be tried.

  • diggyou says:

    iPhone wannabe overall. File transfer is cool with just a shake. Music mixed up and loose is not a good idea for usability. People would buy with the touch feature at about $120 US.

  • Schooley says:

    This is a beautiful design. Out of all of the PMP players I have on my wishing/waiting list, this is my favorite concept. I don’t know how you would pull it off since the design would fail if it were too fat from behind. Either way, this is anything BUT an “iPhone wanabe”. The color change is beautiful, and I suggest having it occur more often, including an option so that it can beat correspondingly to the song. The menu however, is much too simple. It needs more interactivity like the rest of it; I wouldn’t even include text at all. If this was manufactured and advertised, I’m absolutely positive it would be the next must have. All I can say is that I sure hope this piece of art comes with a warranty!

  • HerHighness says:

    Killer Idea, until the first time someone takes this thing jogging with them and it mixes up all their files repeatedly. Maybe a ‘Lock’ function as well? =)

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