Let There Be Light From The Wind In The Night

A decorative, wind-powered lighting product, which harnesses the power of the wind, from whichever direction it blows, to create a simple yet magical visual effect with a universal appeal. Firewinder’s technology elegantly ‘transforms wind into light’ to enable the visualization of the abundantly free energy in the wind as an ‘endless upwardly spiraling helix of light’.

Firewinder magically breathes with the wind – in low winds the lights shine with a dim intensity and as wind speeds increase, the faster it twists and the brighter it glows, creating a pulsing glow in varying and inconsistent wind speeds.

Designer: Tom Lawton [ Buy It Here ]


  • Steve Hobbs says:

    These looks awesome!

    I’d buy a few for my Mother-in-law’s garden – in the Pyrennes – there’s loads of wind. Anyonw know much are they or if they’re available to buy?

  • Gilberto Arends says:

    I would like to know where these lights can be bought and for what price they go? Thanks.

  • Tom Lawton says:

    The first generation Firewinder will retail for approximately £85 and will available to pre-order in the next couple of months at our website http://www.firewinder.com. Initially they’ll be launched in the UK, but we’ll be sure to spread the word when they’re on sale and expect international sales channels to quickly follow.

  • Viktor says:

    It’s the best innovation on this site. I want this Firewinder, Tom. I want it bad.

  • Jimmy says:

    WOW! Can’t wait for these to be available for order in the US!

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