Ochis Coffee Sunglasses: Turning a hot beverage into hot eyewear!

A little less than two and a half million cups of coffee are consumed every day. Just by that statistic, we generate 34 million kilograms of coffee grounds every day as waste. Now, coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer or as compost, so that isn’t really a problem, but what if there’s more we can do with our coffee grounds?

These grounds obviously can’t be reused or re-brewed, and are therefore essentially a massive repository of low-cost raw material, waiting to be used and converted into products… so Ochis is building eyewear out of them! Made of natural coffee grounds and flax (and bound together by a natural biopolymer), the Ochis Sunglasses look great and smell great too! With a faint scent of coffee, these glasses sit well on your face, repurposing multiple cups of coffee into fashionable eyewear. The specs made from the coffee grounds are sturdy yet flexible, and are a 100% biodegradable when discarded (the glass lenses won’t biodegrade, but are a 100% recyclable). What a wonderful way to be fashionable and environmentally conscious at the same time… and with your face perpetually smelling like coffee, that’s only another plus point!

Designer: Ochis