Luggage For The Style Conscious

Hey ladies, are you tired of luggage looking like it was design by men for men only? If you answered yes then the Jibo might just be the ticket. Jibo is designed to fit your personal style. The exterior can be changed to match your outfit. Knitted fabrics, leather, texture – you name it.

It’s not all looks tho. Jibo was also designed for function. Inside you’ll find compartmentalized boxes to organize your belongings. If you need quick access to them, stack them on top of the main unit. Easy breezy Covergirl right?

And who says it’s for women only? If you’re a style conscious man and not afraid to roll a checkered-plaid trolley thru the airport, I say go for it. Jibo you, Jibo me, Jibo everybody.

Designer: Wu Jiao