Lava Sofa – Upholstered Seating System by Studio Vertijet

The visual language of the Lava upholstered seating system is reminiscent of gently flowing lava. The elements of the collection can be arranged loosely, according to individual ideas and requirements, and combined into a complex upholstered seating system. The generously designed elements can be arranged in playful ways: crosswise, parallel or stacked, with each variation appealing to the user’s imagination and creative joy. If all individual components are used, three different levels of height can be created. The fourth level comes about by including the floor, integrated into the arrangement by using a padded mat and thus producing a refined piece of seating furniture. This results in a smooth transition within the “upholstered landscape” from a sitting to a relaxed, reclining position.

Designer: Studio Vertijet [ Manufacturer: Cor ]