This height-adjustable table with a conical base supports sitting + standing working positions

Since the transition from home offices to actual corporate offices has begun, it’s important to ensure that employees feel comfortable, productive, and motivated in their workplace. Adding the right furniture designs can either make or break the environment of an office – the perfect work desk or an ergonomically designed chair can amp up an employee’s productivity immeasurably! And one such furniture design I recently came across is the Follow Meeting Cone.

Designer: Mara

Designed by office furniture brand Mara, the Follow Meeting Cone is an intriguing table with a conical base and an adjustable tabletop that can be controlled and operated using a mechanical component. The Follow Meeting Cone utilizes the brand’s pioneered height-adjusting mechanism that can support both sitting and standing working positions effortlessly!

The table’s mechanical system allows the table to be raised or lowered, enabling you to position it at the angle you want to work in. The base and top are connected using a metal telescopic-element that is visible once the table has been raised.

The table’s interesting conical-shaped base serves as the star of the design and gives it a sculptural silhouette. It adds a fun element to the table, allowing it to stand apart from the other dull tables you usually find in offices. It comes in a range of different colored finishes, allowing you to pick a color that perfectly complements your office space. The cone is designed to be used in commercial workplaces, as well as home offices or residential spaces.