Sporty Spacecraft

Did you see that hypersonic aircraft that deteriorated mid-air this week? This concept by Sheng-Hung Lee uses similar arrowhead shape but actually looks a lot more stable! The single-person craft is the designer’s take on what ultrafast “sport” spacecraft might look like in the future. Let’s just hope the skin doesn’t fly off. Hit the jump to catch the making of the model!

Designer: Sheng-Hung Lee


  • Quintin says:

    Please… An aerodynamic spacecraft?

    Also, the hypersonic aircraft that disintegrated was designed to be inherently stable and not to look sleek.

    It was also designed to fly in air and not in space.

    That said. Pretty! And I want that laser cutter…

  • Jimmy C says:

    @Quintin: You could be a little less rude about it.

  • Johnny says:

    @Jimmy C: The designer could be a little more in tune with the aerodynamics of space before designing a spacecraft.

  • MDesigns says:

    I agree with Quintin and Johnny. The shape is nice and elegant, but there is no reference to the knowledge of aerospace engineering, so its presentation offers no practical value….unless it is for a Sci-fi Space travel movie.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Wheres the cockpit, engines?
    Need 2, 4 place models alone & for Escape Pods from ISS.
    with main chute for landing.

  • simon says:

    like it 😉 how have you made the model to cut it that it fits together? lg

  • Fernando Josep says:

    It seems the design is same as the benz sculpture. See below.

  • googoo says:

    Well….theres no atmosphere in space….so theres no need for the whole ‘aerodynamic’ design deal.

    A spaceship that look like a turd will fly just as fast.

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