Milan 2007: Edra

Designed by Massimo Morozzi, the Edra stand is not just a backdrop for the company’s new products – Leatherworks by Fernando and Humberto Campana; Chantilly by Inga Semp – and the display of collection items, some turned out in black for the occasion. The stage set for the Edra show is a stand-alone piece of architecture made from component parts of Paesaggi Italiani, Edra’s modular furnishing system. Arrayed in a star pattern, the varnished acryl panels reflect the light brilliantly, creating a kaleidoscopic effect.

There are no daises or walls just Paesaggi Italiani elements. Much more than a simple container framing exhibits, it is an eye-opener on what the modular system can do. The acryl panels shimmer like precious stones. Colours glinting from all directions create a sort of spatial vertigo – and a spectacular setting for Edra creations.

2007 for Edra is the year of materials: natural, artificial, shiny and mat, rough textured or silky. They are played off against each other in deliberately outrageous contrast to exalt our sense of touch and reveal new spatial densities.

Manufacturer: Edra