Top 10 minimalist ways to create the perfect romantic ambiance this Valentine’s season

It’s February 14, and that time of the year when couples worldwide choose to celebrate with dinner dates in posh restaurants, or head to romantic getaways, or even have an intimate date night at home. All you need is a little décor, a nice hearty meal, and a few exchanges of gifts to complete this celebration of love and affection. But before we start decorating our homes, let us understand the origin of Valentine’s Day.

The theory goes that Emperor Claudius II of Rome executed two men named Valentine on February 14 separately in two different years in the 14th century. It is said that St. Valentine was a priest arrested for defying a Roman decree forbidding soldiers from marrying. As a result, he was executed as wed lovers in secret and thus is known as the patron saint of love. Hence, the annual celebration of love and romance across the world’s various regions pays homage to St. Valentine, and the festival is named after him.

So, indulge your affection for your beloved and transform your celebration into an awesome and unforgettable one. Here are some amazing Valentine’s Day decoration ideas to hang out on cloud 9 with your Valentine.

1. Style the Table

Dress up your table in style, as nothing says romance more than a nice candlelight dinner. Red is the color of passion, so strategically create a layered setting with hues of red in the table linen, dinnerware, and placement mats. Make sure to strike the right balance, so the tablescape looks elegant and not gaudy.

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2. Eclectic Candle

Designed by James Kaoru Bury, the Chouchin Candle is pillar-shaped, styled to look like a traditional Japanese ‘chouchin’ lantern. It is made from two different grades of wax, one on the inside, which burns the way an ordinary candle would, and the non-melting wax on the outside, which serves as the candle’s exterior; it lends subtle translucency and mimics the effects of a lantern by diffusing the light that passes through it. The best part is that the wax collects within the candle when it melts and eliminates the need for having a plate or tray below. The candle can be held while it’s burning, and the traditional candle has a burning time of 60 hours.

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3. Say it with an Everlasting Rose

While roses are one of the most popular way of showcasing your love, the Everlasting Rose takes your sentimental display to a whole new level! In an era where we want our gifts to last and also be useful for a longer period of time, the ordinary rose that needs to be thrown away ends the romance a little too soon. The Everlasting Rose, on the other hand, lasts for upto three years without requiring any constant care. And before we go ahead and announce it artificial, the roses used are 100%natural and ethically sourced from farmers who grow them minus the pesticides or chemicals. Get your’s now and let it share your language of love for years!

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4. Set the ambience with an Aroma Diffuser

This minimalist aroma diffuser operates without a battery. It harnesses the power of a single candle and uses simple physics and science to spread calming aromas. It has a hypnotic effect that triggers the senses, soothes the mind, and is environmentally friendly.

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The sleek aroma diffuser looks like a home device with the luster of a metallic base. Its smooth and unadorned surface has a ceramic plate on top that acts as a filter that forms a subtle contrast with the base. Handcrafted by artisans from Hida, Japan, using traditional kilns, the porcelain forms the base for holding the scented oils. It has a battery-powered fan inside that offers an even aroma. Plus, it is easy to clean and maintain.

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5. Luxurious Barware showing elegance and style

Raise a toast to love because no V-Day celebration is complete without champagne or sparkling wine. Add hues of red to your bar counter with luxurious wine glasses that feature a red stem with sinuous curves, making the celebration more memorable. Such richness in barware takes the mood to a whole new level.

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6. Modular Flower Vase that holds flowers aesthetically

Valentine’s Day has been the biggest worldwide for sending flowers since the 17th century. Roses represent love because it is the favorite of Venus, the goddess of love, who believes roses stand for strong feelings and emotions.
Provide your aesthetics a unique flair by getting a stunning vase that brings the elements of the Earth together in beautiful harmony. This tubular vase is made of copper and a wood container with thin, removable, and adjustable copper pipes that provide the freedom to create your arrangement. The tubes come in different heights for an interesting visual effect and develop unique patinas over time, adding to the character of this one-of-a-kind vase. In addition, the wooden base offers enough weight to not topple over, even with large flowers.

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7. Spread Out Luxurious Bed Linen

Bedding is the pivotal point of your bedroom décor, so create a beautiful setting with satin or silk bedding. It infuses elegance and glamor and makes the space look enthusiastic. Velvet, silk and satin can be the perfect fabrics for your bed for relaxed comfort, snuggling, and a cozy setting. Red bed linen can envelop the bedroom in warmth and intimacy, but you can also go for hues of white, black, green, and blue as your choice. Ensure the window curtains or dressings are plush and alluring and can successfully cut outdoor light and external noise.

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8. Roll Out a Plush Carpet

A soft textured floor rug or carpet can offer warmth and a comfortable underfoot. It adds softness to the overall ambiance but ensure that it matches the bedding and upholstery. ‘The Many Faces of Red’ rug is a simple graphic design by UK-based artist and color theorist Josef Albers. It displays angular lines and a strong silhouette, while it’s red and rust-hued patterns pop against white and make a brilliant graphic statement in any bedroom or living space.

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9. Add a Personal Touch

Couples that laugh together last together! Let your space reflect your personality with decorative elements that personalize your relationships. This heart-shaped desk light brings in the perfect Valentine’s vibe, enlivens the space with color, injects visual interest, and crosses between a functional piece and a sculptural light. Complement the decor with some seasonal chocolates and fresh flowers.

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10. Romantic Melodies for a small dance

Don’t forget to play your favorite songs! Music can evoke emotions that relaxes the mind, sets the mood and lets conversations flow seamlessly. Reminiscent of old-school vinyl records, the sleek CD player breaks away from the mold with a minimalist art device. The plain, boxy shape of the player looks like a picture frame where the CD player can be displayed just like album art in music apps. In addition, this device transforms into a piece of decor, especially when you hang it on walls.

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While popular culture makes you believe that Valentine’s Day is only for love-struck couples, it’s a day of love and that love can be for anyone. Thus, all kinds of love should be celebrated, whether for your parents, siblings, or children.