Seiko Electronic Ink Watch for Women

Last November the 2006 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genve prize for electronic watches was awarded to SEIKO’s remarkable Electronic Ink watch, because of its breakthrough display technology. With its ultra-thin profile display, its extraordinary contrast and clarity, and its unrestricted design potential, SEIKO’s Electro-phoresis Display watch has captured the imagination of the industry.

For 2007, these unique capabilities have been fused into a delightful bracelet watch for women which is the perfect expression of SEIKO’s emotional technology. If the wearer is at work, it can be set to its ‘efficiency’ mode; the display is informative and easy to read. If, however, the watch is set to its ‘mystery’ mode, the panel expresses the time in a more imaginative, evocative style. Just pick the style to reflect your mood!

Design: Seiko [ Via: I4U News ]