Air Grip Kitchen Tools by Art & Cook Studio

Three years in development, Art & Cook represent a marriage of style and technology that takes the humble spatula and whisk out of the dark ages into state of art.

Art & Cook has taken a leaf out of the book of modern sneaker design and developed O2 Air Grip Handle technology for enveloping the handles of hard-working kitchen tools in a cushion of air. The air won’t leak or fade, but it will do is give you a more comfortable, secure grip on all your food preparation tasks.

The handle is ergonomically designed to be gripped comfortable in a closed palm. Its primary use is with cutting and mashing tools, where the extended length provides a good distance between hand tool head, so that force is applied to the task with maximum efficiency.In addition it features a unique “fishtail” end, not just for looks but to improve control on tools held in a variety of grips and at different angles.

Design: Art & Cook