Rolling Out with Heat

Let me tell you something. I’m at the age where I’m looking into saving space at the same time as I’m growing OUT of the life of a college student. You know what that means? It means I’m trying to collect items for my living space that will last, and not just be convenient for me (and my tiny, growing family) in the meantime. Thusly, I’m looking very intently at this project right here: the “Electrolux Invico.” It’s a concept by designer Njegos Lakic in which this device both has the ability to prepare a warm meal AND be put completely away, leaving that extra space when I need it.

The Invico is a compact heating plate that heats in a fabulously unique way when you’re hungry and can completely slide down and away when you don’t need it. The heating surface is made of a special non-melt silicone that due to its flexible nature can be rolled down under your workspace. This heating surface operates only when in contact with metal, making it both safe and versatile.

And it has a snazzy control panel! You dictate the temperature, time, and have access to an online cookbook with recipes and suggestions for how to most effectively make use of your Invico.


Designer: Njegos Lakic