Toilet Pages by Jan Ctvrtnik

Toilet Pages is a reaction to the problem with wet and dirty toilet seats. Everyone is familiar with this situation. You are on the school or work simply public toilet, and the toilet seat is wet or dirty. You don’t want to sit on it! You don’t want to touch it! But you have to. The Toilet Pages solve and comment this situation. Why use public seat when you can have your own Toilet Pages on the pictures were made for family use but could be easily modified for places, where the small groups of people use the toilet repeatedly. Every person could have own personal toilet seat.

Designer: Jan Ctvrtnik


  • brehum says:

    I see a problem with it… You have the tabs in the wrong place, the top tab should be toward the back and the bottom toward the front. It has to do with leverage. It’s easy to fix. It’ll be easier to lift the bottom tab if it is further forward, even if it is made from lightweight materials.

  • Vahram says:


  • legengping says:

    good design

  • juggs says:

    not for sanitary reasons, but for butt sizes.
    so that children don’t fall in or so pets can drink easier.

  • cki says:

    Great! It will make it so much easier to “piss” the entire office off. ; P

  • Genuva says:

    This is not to clever, I mean, after 2 days nobody would pay atention to it because they SERIOUSLY need to take a piss, which means time for working on a tab isn’t too apropriate. What happens then? … “Sorry, mister, but you are sitting on the wrong tab! Emergency lift activeted-“

  • Zarko says:

    can I say that this came on my mind these days, when I sat down on a toilet and wonder how can separate each use of the people that live wit me :)))) salute to the best design…

  • nancyJ says:

    yes,i very like it.
    you know is very very good for some “clean guy”.

  • Chuck says:

    This is one of the most unique and innovative toilet seat designs I have seen.

  • judi bola says:

    yes goog job i like it, it very unique design. KEEP WORKING SIR

  • Jimmy C says:

    Lovin it! I also agree with Juggs.

  • Hulia says:

    Do you sell this?

  • Melser says:

    Where can I buy this toilet seat

  • Amanda says:

    Where can I buy this

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