Alessi Chin Family With the National Palace Museum of Taiwan by Giovannoni & Takeda

The collaboration between Alessi and the NPM of Taiwan grew out of the museum’s wish to open itself yet further to the international scene, and to encourage greater awareness of Chinese history and culture in the West. We asked Stefano Giovannoni to imagine and design a sort of mascot for the new Museum of the 21st Century. From this was born the “Family of Mr.Chin” series, each of whom represents a specific household function such being a kitchen timer, salt & pepper set and egg cup. “Mr.Chin” is also a new chapter in the ludic design language that characterizes Stefano’s work: instead of the usual method of casting a single piece of plastic from a single injection, the character-objects are made with separate moulds (head, hat, body, foot, pompom) which are then assembled like wooden soldiers or porcelain dolls.

Designer: Stefano Giovannoni & Rumiko Takeda [ Buy It Here ]