Me-mo – Marries Portable Electronics into a Modular System by Peter Norberg

Carrying mobile phone, digital camera, and MP3-player is bulky, heavy, and expensive. The thesis project me-mo is a concept that marries several portable electronic consumer products into a modular system. The modular design offers among others mobile phone, GPS, and camera to take advantage of each other’s qualities to create new interesting functions. For example, a camera that in collaboration with the GPS, pin-points the geographical location where the photo is taken.

The system has one master unit that can be complemented with high performance hardware accessories. The accessories are easily snapped on to the back of the master unit with jacket-buttons. The user can place extra buttons on clothing, bags, walls, furniture etc. to connect the me-mo products where he or she likes. The creativity sets the limits.

The products are designed partly with natural materials to make them wear positively and take print of the user, such as a wallet or a pair of shoes. In this way they become more beautiful and personal with time.

Designer: Peter Norberg


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