Urban Shell – Shelter for Homeless by Agustin Otegui

Urban Shell Shelter has been developed to work as a shelter for changing weather conditions. During the night or in cold weather environments, the trolley is placed against a corner protecting the user from rain, wind or snow. The roof cover keeps the safe from water or snow while its lateral covering panels keep them protected from the wind, creating a warm and cozy shelter. During the day or in hot weather conditions its roof protects them from sunlight, while its open structure lets the air pass through, keeping the fresh and comfortable inside.

Urban Shell has the added value of an external core that works as a structure for hanging and arranging extra belongings or simply keeping them handy. The protection panels apart from keeping their belongings safe from the rain, they help them have some dignity and privacy by making them look as neat persons even if the things inside are not arranged or tidy.

Designer: Agustin Otegui


  • juanjo says:

    yo la flipo… no solo hay q sangrar a la gente con todo tipo de articulos q no necesitamos sino q ahora hasta la gente q no tenga ni dnd caerse muerta tienen la posibilidad de ser los mas fashion con su maleta naranja de diseño.

    lo dicho, yo, la flipo

  • cesibon says:

    Great design. Has anyone thought about how homeless ( and probably penniless or extremely low income) people will buy these things? Or will the already crashing public assistance/welfare agencies and the taxpayers that fund those programs have to foot the bill? Great design should not only be functional and attractive but it should also look beyond those things to social awareness and bottom-line practicality.

  • Contra says:

    Sorry, but as for me, it doesn’t look comfortable and easy to move all this staff

  • someone says:

    cesibon asked the same question I was thinking – how’s a homeless person supposed to buy one of these? You know those things are too artsy to be cost-effective, so they’ll likely be very expensive. Another problem I see … while it’s great these are designed for mobility, but I see it as an opportunity for 13yo-minded college guys to grab these, while being used, and push them down the street. Bottom line is, it’s a good idea that’s not going to work

  • Nick says:

    I’m a complete design junkie and even I think this is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. What’s next? 1 million dollar hydro-dynamic bodysuits for the homeless to keep themselves clean? Design without practicality (to some degree) is such a complete waste of time……

  • meh says:

    I’ve never seen a homeless person with such a small amount of stuff. They usually have two or three overflowing carts and are usually much more resourceful in finding shelter outside sleeping in their cart. Besides, they wouldn’t want a bright orange shelter. They’d want to be hidden away where the police cannot hassle them and tell them to wake up and move on.

  • Fran says:

    Is this an april Fool?

    I have never seen anything so ridiculous. Try giving them a home instead.

  • Angel Blue01 says:

    Strange idea. I was hoping for something useful like a hard-shelled tent, at least that could help the poor guy when he’s stuck sleeping in the rain, this thing has no advantages over regular carts, and of course there’s no way to get this thing to homeless people- whatcha going to do, stop him and ask “Are you homeless sir? If so, I have this nice orange cart the size of a small car to replace your beat up wire cart.”

  • Ivan says:

    Redesign around common trash articles.

    Here in SA, most of our homeless have large bags (+-2 m3) mounted on castered plywood, pulled by an ironing-board stand.
    During the day, they collect plastic for recycling. When empty, the trolley is turned on its edge, anchored by the ironing board stand, and the bag is used as a shelter. I don’t know where they get the bags from, though . .

  • I had been wondering if you ever thought of switching the layout of your website? Its very well writ

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