The world’s first floating city located in South Korea is set to be the humanity’s next frontier

The Koreans are slowly taking over the world in many ways. It’s not just in the entertainment business and tech industry but also in the area of sustainability. South Korea is about to get a new floating city situated in Busan as a project by Oceanix has just been unveiled.

Oceanix has showcased a prototype of a floating city. It’s a project of the developer firm together with the United Nations and the Busan city government. The floating city is a more resilient and sustainable version of the key shipping hub.

Designer: Oceanix

OCEANIX Busan Sustainable Flowting Cities

Officially called OCEANIX Busan, the floating city is an upcoming destination for visitors and travelers. It’s a unique tourist site that offers organic dining from local restaurants, harbor-view guestrooms, skylit greenhouse amenities, and communal terraces. There are eco-retail options on the elongated ground level, complete with waterfront views. All these can be found in the Lodging Platform which is just one of the many platforms available in the floating city.

The Research Platform is mainly the marine research and co-working hub. On its ground level, the entrance leads to a shared winter garden. It’s temperature-controlled since Busan has more cold winter days. Food is also grown in the garden right on the hydroponic towers available.

OCEANIX Busan Project

There is also the Living Platform that allows circular living. A community backyard complements several residential buildings. The latter encourages gathering among the residents since it’s just one community.

The idea of the Oceanix Busan is that it will be sustainable, adaptable, and scalable. The mission is to build a thriving community of people caring about every life form on the planet. The agreement was signed in November 2021 by the OCEANIX in partnership with UN-Habitat and the Busan Metropolitan City of the Republic of Korea. The project aims to develop solutions for threats of rising sea levels that may affect coastal cities, no thanks to climate change.

OCEANIX Busan Prototype

OCEANIX Busan Floating City

The sustainable floating city is imagined as a flood-proof infrastructure that offers several environment-friendly options and efforts like zero waste closed-loop systems and a system that produces its own food, freshwater, and energy. OCEANIX Co-Founders Itai Madamombe and Marc Collins Chen said, “Sea level rise is a formidable threat, but the sustainable floating infrastructure can help solve this looming catastrophe. We are excited to make history with Busan and UN-Habitat in ushering in humanity’s next frontier.”

OCEANIX Busan Design

The idea that people, nature, and technology can co-exist will be accurate someday. Right there in Busan, the world will see that sustainable human settlements and more are possible. The OCEANIX Busan is set in a six hectare land

OCEANIX Busan Sustainable Flowting Cities

OCEANIX Busan South Korea