JVC 360 Degree Sound Spreading System by Jade Yoo

Yoho is JVC’s new 2.0 multimedia speaker system for young and lively spirited people. The product in use paints the scene of a club where a DJ is playing music. Today, many new generation PCs do not just serve a single function; they have become multifunctional workstations. The computer takes the center place of a person’s room, as well as his or her life. With JVC’s newest 360 degree sound spreading system, the speaker becomes an impressive sound sharing system and an affordable work-of-motion graphic digital art. The programmed LED lighting system gives three options of digital display: jazzy, funky, or no display. The eleven-panel speakers will randomly light up as the music plays. Imagine Yoho as a mood creator in the center of a room in your house at your next party.

Designer: Jade Yoo