Technogym – Kinesis Personal Fitness Equipment by Antonio Citterio

Kinesis Personal is a piece of fitness equipment like no other. Built into a wall, the virtually flat structure is 3.5 square metres in size and allows over 200 resistance-based exercises using a system of grips, cables and weight stacks which together ensure absolute fluidity of movement.

Designed by internationally acclaimed Antonio Citterio, Kinesis Personal combines striking form with functionality. Its compact size allows it to integrate perfectly into the home, office, hotel room or spa and it provides the means for diverse, coordinated resistance training. The compact grace of the equipment is engineered for strength, flexibility and balance focused workouts.

Kinesis Personal moves the body and the mind – allowing its user to return to original movement – back to the basics of how the body is made to flow. It takes what the body does naturally, adds resistance and calculates a formula that ends in an experience humming with movement.

Inspired by nature and science, Kinesis Personal fits with the Technogym philosophy of wellness melding good nutrition, movement and positive thought. Technology takes second place and puts the human back in control.

Designer: Antonio Citterio [ Manufacture: Technogym ] [ Via: Cool Hunting ]