Kattbank – Bench to Conceal Cat Litter Box

Kattbank is a creative solution to one of the more challenging space-sharing issues for cat-owners and the animals they love. Kattbank is a modern bench designed especially to conceal the cat litter box. The litter box is hidden within the contemporary lines of kattbank, which is cleverly vented to provide adequate airflow for the cat’s health, yet does not give up any offending odors. When designing Kattbank, human and feline needs were addressed equally. Aesthetics were important in designing a clean, contemporary look that can blend into a range of environments. Through details such as an interior bottom that is recessed from the ends so as to be invisible, kattbank has a streamlined appearance that does not reveal its secret purpose.

The kattbank development process engaged cat behavior experts and first-hand observation throughout. Concerns and priorities included maximizing interior space, orchestrating appropriate airflow, and being sensitive to cat’s litter box preferences and needs. Kattbank also enables the privacy and sense of ownership that cats seek for their litter box. The interior of kattbank is sealed with production quality lacquer to repel odor absorption and to allow for easy cleaning. A removable plastic grid lines the bottom of the bench, creating a walk-off area to remove litter before the cat steps back in the home.

Designer: Kattbank Via: Design Sponge