Shower Belt by Carl Hagerling, Claes Nellestam & Martin Prame

The effect of a full body shower is not only that of washing the dirt of your skin. A shower is also a ritual that offers the chance for relaxation and meditation. When in transit such a shower is rarely available. This forces most people to resort to dabbing their faces with wet wipes or soaked paper towels in order to achieve some degree of refreshment.

The shower belt offers the possibility of a more substantial cleansing that leaves the user as invigorated as he or she would be in any other shower. The end of the belt easily attaches to any faucet while the buckle acts as a shower nozzle. Practically any public restroom can be transformed into your own private space for washing and relaxing. Make use of the waiting time between transport to take a shower and feel fresh inside and out.

Designer: Carl Hagerling, Claes Nellestam & Martin Prame